We exist to help entrepreneurs create the foundation for their online presence thanks to our turnkey subscriptions. Focus on running your business while we take care of the heavy lifting; building your website, optimizing your Google My Business Page, social profiles and business listings.


Once the foundation for your online presence is established, we drive traffic to your website via paid ads (Google, Bing), social media campaigns and a Search Engine Optimisation strategy. We continuously monitor and improve our processes to provide the best return on your investment, and our reporting keeps you up to date on your ad performance.


This is our ultimate goal. A strong online presence brings more traffic to your website, Google My Business page and social profiles, resulting in more leads, more phone calls and more sales to boost your bottom line.

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We had the pleasure of creating a new website for this fantastic business.
We had the pleasure of creating a new website for this fantastic business.

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We live in a world where people heavily use Google, Facebook and other social media platforms to stay connected. 81% of customers research businesses online before they decide who to do business with. 94% of B2B customers do their research online beforehand too. Not having a personalized website to exemplify the quality of your business means losing potential clients in today’s tech driven world. Your business will lose opportunities when people who have heard of you or did business with you years ago seek you out and come up empty-handed. This situation could lead to them assuming that the business has closed down, likely leaving them to be solicited for their business by your more appealing competitors with websites.

The essential function of a website is to protect your word of mouth. Referrals and previous customers are accountable for 85% or more of clientele for 99% of businesses. Protecting those numbers is crucial. For example, would you show up to a site with no lettering on your vehicles, or carry no business cards with you? Having no website in this day and age is the equivalent of that.

Your website is a reflection of your business, having a dated or lousy website is worse than not having a website at all. It can make your business look unprofessional and obsolete. Your website represents your business and the quality of your product, or service, online.

In a long-term analysis, monthly packages are almost always cheaper. In addition, Geekcomputer services give your business insurance against imponderables. For example, a similar site compared to our complete package will range in price from $2000-$4000, not including yearly hosting or domain fees ($500/yr). Most websites must be revamped after 3-4 years to stay relevant. After three years with other agencies, on the low end of the spectrum, you’ll have spent around $3500. In addition, if a major change to Google’s algorithm occurs (every 2 years on average), you’d need to spend more on updates to your site. With a Geekcomputer monthly package, you can rest assured that in most cases the long-term costs are equivalent, with the bonus insurance that extra changes are covered, your costs are fixed, and you can keep cash in your company instead of paying unexpected fees to maintain your site.

While a decent sponsored placement on a decent site can be a worthwhile investment when done properly, they are insufficient at representing your brand and protecting your references. With your own website, you are in control of your company’s image.

All Geekcomputer packages come complete. There are absolutely no additional fees. All packages include hosting, domain names, etc.

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